New Release

Officially Released!

Stink shirt brighter

I am proud to announce the release of My Brother’s Stinky T-Shirt. Published May 5th, 2017, it went straight to #1 in its genre on Amazon. The positive reviews are pouring in from around the WORLD! I told myself not to worry about the reviews, but I can’t stop peeking at them every couple of days. If you’ve not read it, click the cover image and pick it up for FREE. You’ll be glad you did. Then come back and tell me all about it. Especially since it is completely free (in its e-book form), a fair and honest review is a good trade. Don’t you think? Though its been out for a week, it is now live on most major online bookstores.

I wanted to make this a quick post, but some thanks are in order.

Angie, my gorgeous wife, for being a supportive spouse and tolerating my emotional artist moments, which seem to occur more and more as of late, my ridiculous work schedule, and giving me time to write.

Sara Rieger, for interpreting my story and producing the perfect cover. I hope we can work together again soon, and become great friends in the process.

Rachel B, for your professional courtesy and support, up to and including high-fives as needed.

And my biggest fans, Mindy B, and Jason M. I can’t thank you enough. You all unknowingly supported me more than anyone. When I was beat-up you both stepped into my corner and got me back to my feet. I’m coming out swinging.


One thought on “Officially Released!

  1. I got your back homeslice lol. We all need supportive people in our corner. Em liked the book and did not have any kid criticism for it which is good. I hope you have many more books to come and remember this is not only a wonderful journey for yourself but for your readers as well. 🙂


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