Learning to write is very much like learning to read as a child. You don’t start off reading Tolstoy or The Great Gatsby, you start with one Fish, two Fish, red Fish, blue Fish.

Writing is learned the exact same way, but in reverse, sort of. You have great ideas for stories, but when you put them on the page they don’t have the potency they had in your mind. And that is totally OK.

I read somewhere that the average writer should write somewhere in the neighborhood of one to 2,000,000 words before they actually get good,  Whatever good means. I’m nowhere near that mark, but the more I write and read the more I see great improvements in my craft.

My biggest hurdle, I think, is my damned midwestern dialect, but you play with the cards you’ve been dealt.

If you’ve not picked up your free copy of My Brother’s Stinky T-Shirt, now is a great time to do so. If you happen to accidentally hit that five-star button I won’t hate you for it. Positive reviews make it all worth doing.

(I have inside info that says it won’t be around for long in its current format, just saying.)

Thanks to all my people, friends, family, and fans, yes FANS. Crazy to think I actually have fans. Mostly seven-year olds and their moms. The correspondence from people all over the world has been super awesome!

There is more to come for the kids, and their grown ups.

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Thanks so much!

Rick Pinkston