If you are like me in any way, it is probable you’ve read more books than you can count or remember.

My Goodreads account is a pathetic representation of my reading. If you want to follow me on Goodreads click here and all of that.

You’ll remember from a previous post, my dog (Dozer) ate my Salem’s Lot paperback. Yes, you can pick up this book for a dollar at most used book barns.

The truth is this story isn’t written very well. There a plot problems and a host of POV issues. The overuse of adverbs is the most notable problem. It doesn’t matter to me: I love this story.

This copy was special. It contained tons of highlighting which represents the painstaking hours I poured in to it. I marked certain aspects of the book with different colors (An exercise I read in another craft book).

I decided, after consulting Mrs. Pinkston, I would replace it with the library bound edition. It came today!

As you can see, it is beautiful. It felt like the universe in the palm of my hand, whatever that may feel like. As I thumbed through the pages, familiar scenes and sequels flashed through my mind like lightning streaking through the night.

Unlike the regular hardback edition, the library binding doesn’t have the tightness. You surely know what I’m talking about: It doesn’t feel like it could break if I open it all the way.

I told Mrs. P. how amazing it feels in my hands, and how I will be getting more library editions. She has no objections.

I don’t remember the first book I bought for myself as a youth, but I sure hope it felt like this. Do you remember yours?

Yesterday My Brother’s Stinky T-Shirt returned to #1 on the amazon bestseller list. Thank you. It is still totally free. Get it free while you still can.

Are you an Amazon hater, It’s on iBooks, Googleplay, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo too.

Rick Pinkston