Real Life Vs. Writing Life

10 writing tips to get you started —

I could talk about this at length, but it speaks for itself. I cannot overemphasize #9!

I Suck at Writing

Lack of inspiration? Struggling to articulate your thoughts clearly? Want to write but have no idea where to start? Here are 10 tips to get you thinking and writing. Have a notebook with you wherever you go. Inspiration can strike anytime. Read a variety of texts. Change up your perspective. Do not feel pressured to […]

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Reading Habits

Really, I would love some input on this. I am very curious to know about other writers' reading and writing practices. I still have the long hours at the day job, so I juggle everything around that. My wife is yet to run off with the children, so I juggle them as well. Additionally I… Continue reading Reading Habits

Real Life Vs. Writing Life

I have to ask

I hate to come right out and ask, but if you or the young reader in your life have read My Brother's Stinky T-Shirt, please take a moment to review it. Even a friendly ⭐️ rating without comments is a huge help in drawing the right kind of attention. What? You've not read it?! Well it's… Continue reading I have to ask