Yeah, I know it’s over a month away, but here at The Pinkston House we hold nothing back.

We all have fond childhood memories of The Good House. I remember with substantial clarity running past other houses to get to the good house.

There was a house about two blocks away where they passed out full size paydays. I remember thinking they must be rich. So funny because candy was cheap back then. As it turned out, the guy worked at the candy factory in Centralia, Illinois, and he got them for free, or next to free anyway.

When I bought this house I made a decision: We are going to have the best Halloween goodies in the neighborhood.

We still do.

The Standard by which all Halloween candy is judged: The FULL-SIZE Snickers Bar. 

We have them, and a dozen other kinds. Don’t worry, we have the Reese’s, Take 5, Blow Pops and more!

No nuts?

No Problem!

It seems the peanut allergy is almost contagious these days, so I have designated no nut treat bags, and they are LOADED with extra good stuff. It’s bad enough kids have to spend a lifetime avoiding these peanuts, so why not take extra good care of them?

Nathan’s Hot Dogs! No joke! The last few years, I treated the neighborhood to hundreds of them. Grilled, on a bun, hot and ready, with self served condiments. We were especially excited to see another neighbor distributed bowls of Chili. Perfect for dipping my dogs!

Speaking of dogs…

Once again there will be dog treats, the good ones. The best part is we don’t care if your dog is wearing a costume or otherwise. On that note, please be mindful of the torture devices you make your animal wear. Some of them are far over the line of cruelty.

Last year, we added Popcorn to the menu. It went over well, but popcorn doesn’t go well with costumes, makeup, etcetera, so we’ll have none of that.

This year I am adding Cotton Candy to the mix.

Not only that, neon bracelets and necklaces! How cool is that?

While I can’t post my address, I can hope as many people as possible come by to partake in Happy Halloweenie.

If you know the place, you know the date, we hope to see you out and about.


Do you have a great Halloween childhood memory? I’d love to read about it in the comments.

Kind Regards,

Rick Pinkston