Eight months ago, I released My Brother’s Stinky T-Shirt. Since that time, I’ve proudly distributed nearly 13,000 copies to readers of all ages from all around the world. Sadly, due to circumstances beyond my control, the free ebook is no longer available.

Thanks to Robin Springer, who made the new illustrated edition possible. But my greatest thanks to the readers, new and old. Especially thanks to those who took the time to leave five-star reviews and ratings.

At the bare minimum, publishing this work was a great learning experience, a battle scar to strengthen my resolve for future projects.

Giving something away for free, and opening yourself up to critisizm, is a thankless process. Growing thick skin was the best lesson I could have learned.

If you were able to get the free version, thank you and I hope It was enjoyed by you or your young reader.

If you weren’t, there is a bigger and better version now available. Moreover, I hope you and your young reader enjoy the world built just for you.

Rick Pinkston

January 2018